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02:19 "I Won T Say I M In Love" Applejack Cover
02:55 What Might Have Been Applespike Cover
04:02 Roller Coaster Of Love Pmv MLP Applejack And Rarity
03:12 Bride Of Discord "On My Own" Sung By Applejack
02:12 900 Subs Special Swag Mov Spike Nobody Cares Applejack! Sparta Lightspeed Remix
01:30 Equestria Girls Pinki Perry Feat. Spike Doog And Applejack
03:27 E T Pmv Sparity Appledash Twinkie
04:17 Season 4 Spike Abuse Compilation
01:40 Ballad Of The Crystal Ponies
03:20 Sweetiespike They Don T Know About Us
02:43 Havana Canterlot F T Spike Twilight Sparkle
03:22 Pmv Rarijack Kissin U
00:25 Love Scootalo Spike
01:10 Rarity Ii The Adventure Of Spike
00:38 Super Applejack Land With Appleboom And Spike
10:56 Bootleg Applejack MLP Fanfic Reading
03:02 Apple Jack X Spike Pmv Part 2