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04:55 恋 Mv & Trailer / Gen Hoshino Koi 星野源
05:57 アイデア Music Video / Gen Hoshino Idea 星野源
05:49 Pop Virus Mv / Gen Hoshino Pop Virus 星野源
04:55 Sun Mv & Trailer / Gen Hoshino Sun 星野源
04:40 ドラえもん Mv & Trailer / Gen Hoshino Doraemon 星野源
04:54 時よ Mv & Album Trailer / Gen Hoshino Tokiyo 星野源
06:10 Family Song Mv & Trailer / Gen Hoshino Family Song 星野源
04:45 Week End Live From Yellow Voyage / Gen Hoshino Week End 星野源
05:07 夢の外へ Mv & Trailer / Gen Hoshino Yume No Sotohe 星野源
04:08 Sun Live From Continues / Gen Hoshino Sun 星野源
03:52 도망치는 건 부끄럽지만 도움이 된다 Ost 恋 Koi 星野 源 / 코이 Cover By 김달림과하마발
07:18 Hada 星野源 肌 Studio Live From POP VIRUS / Gen Hoshino
03:53 星野源 Hoshino Gen Covered By 김달림과하마발 Darlim&Hamabal Sun
03:28 Japanese Air Force Band HOSHINO Gen "Koi"
04:42 Snow Men Music Video / Gen Hoshino Snow Men 星野源
06:05 Crazy Crazy Mv & Trailer / Gen Hoshino Crazy Crazy 星野源
05:28 地獄でなぜ悪い Mv & Trailer / Gen Hoshino Why Don T You Play In Hell 星野源