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04:44 Rage On Live In Budokan OLDCODEX
03:56 Catal Rhythm Live In Budokan OLDCODEX
04:18 Growth Arrow Lisani Saturday Stage OLDCODEX
04:37 Oldcodex Hidemind Pv
04:11 Oldcodex Mono Frontier
04:21 Heading To Over / Oldcodex Full Free! Dive To The Future OP
04:26 Feed A God Eater Op Full Song Lyrics Download
04:23 Heading To Over Free! Season 3 Opening Full
06:22 Oldcodex kurobas3 ed3 Lantana Ver Mei
05:38 Aching Horns Live In Budokan OLDCODEX
04:36 Cold Hands One Pledges OLDCODEX
01:30 Oldcodex W/ Lyrics Free! OP &Quot Rage On&Quot
04:00 Rainbow OLDCODEX
04:22 Vision Live In Budokan OLDCODEX
04:34 Physical Live In Budokan OLDCODEX
02:35 Oldcodexが地上波に バズリズム
04:41 美しい背骨 OLDCODEX