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03:24 Zydrate Anatomy KidCrusher
1:13:21 Metal Murder Mixtape Vol 2 Full Album KIDCRUSHER
05:27 Back To The Kidcrusher Official Music Video
03:17 Purple Haze Feat. Ill E Gal Stash & KidCrusher
02:21 Nightcore Zydrate Anatomy
04:27 Stuck In Solitude mm3d Leak KidCrusher
04:55 Murder Me In 3d mm3d Leak KidCrusher
04:40 Psychosocial KidCrusher
03:14 Blame The Bodies Remaster Wmv Kidcrusher
02:40 Brain Taco mm3d Leak KidCrusher
04:07 Kick The P A Korn Cover KidCrusher
02:20 Heartbeat Playthrough KidCrusher
02:42 My Dark City Feat. Chico Kidcrusher
05:52 Last Laugh Feat. Chico Leprikon Razakel & Sick Wmv Kidcrusher
04:03 Kidcrusher Bottled Emotion Feat.Uring Dyead Souls
04:25 The Crypt Kidcrusher