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03:33 Transformers Lecrae And Trip Lee
03:44 Transformers Tedashii Feat. Lecrae & Trip Lee With Lyrics!!!!
03:34 Transformers Tedashii Feat. Lecrae & Trip Lee Hd
03:33 Transformers Feat. Lecrae & Trip Lee Tedashii
03:33 Transformers Feat. Trip Lee & Lecrae Tedashii
03:32 Transformers Tedashii Feat. Trip Lee & Lecrae
04:28 I Got Proof Katalyst Feat. Lecrae
04:11 Who He Is Trip Lee Feat. Lecrae & Cam
05:08 Cash Or Christ Feat. Lecrae Trip Lee
03:33 Transformer Identity Crisis
04:00 Aliens Lecrae With Lyrics And Pics
03:47 Show Off Lyrics DJ Official Of Cross Movement Feat. Lecrae Flame
04:21 Lecrae Got Paper
04:22 I' M A Saint Lecrae
03:06 Amp It Up Feat. Tedashii With Lyrics Official Lecrae
03:57 Lecrae Feat. Kb With Lyrics I Used To Do It Too