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06:17 Jaco Pastorius "The Chicken"
07:38 The Chicken Studio Version
04:39 Matteo Mancuso Riccardo Oliva Salvatore Lima The Chicken
05:32 Tommy Igoe & The Buddy Rich Big Band The Chicken
04:57 The Chicken Backing Track
08:21 Chicken Maceo Parker
1:00:15 Techno Chicken Song Remix 1 Hour
04:36 The Chicken Stage Band Arrangement By Kris Berg
07:48 Jaco Pastorius Big Band Aurex Jazz Festival 82 Soul Intro / The Chicken
05:20 The Chicken Namm Full Version
17:15 Drum Solo "The Chicken" Cover Feat.Uring Fred Boswell Jr
08:02 The Chicken Birthday Concert Version Jaco Pastorius
07:03 Valeriy Stepanov Jay Stave Paul Kholodyanskiy The Chicken
02:31 Chicken Song J Geco
07:49 The Chicken Scofield Pastorius
06:06 "The Chicken" Studio Jams #38
17:24 Zildjian Berklee Performance Center Concert Aaron Spears "The Chicken" Cover